Thursday, May 9, 2013

Final Blog Entry

I learned a lot in this semester about fairytales and folktales, mostly in the aspect of fairytales and folktales being psychologically analyzed by many different people. Before taking this class I never would have known or guess all the symbolism between items within fairytales, for instance I never would have taken the wolf gobbling Little Red up to be considered a sexual notion. I also never would have guessed that the red shoes or red lips in Snow White were symbolizing sexuality. Upon learning that a lot of fairytales and folktales symbols are related back to sexuality it really made me question if that was the authors of these fairytales intentions.
I really enjoyed learning about all the separate fairytales and folktales, there was a lot of them that I had never read before or had never heard that separate rendition of that story before. I found it very interesting because a lot of the fairytales included a lot violence that I never would have originally seen as a child. Also I found the material interesting in contrast with the disney movies I grew up watching in the way that disney took a lot of the main ideas from these fairy tales and put them into more child-apporiate terms in his movies. This is something I would have like to learn more about in the semester, the relation between fairytales as movies, especially those made by Disney in relation to the fairytales and folktales we learned about.
I read every reading required for class, I think I spent a fair share of my time dedicated to this class, I found it very challenging however to understand some of the readings. For instance Bettelheims' reading were very hard for me to follow because they were very dense. Regardless of the hard parts of the class I found it very enjoyable because I learned a lot and I know which fairytales are possibly portraying a positive message, and when I am older and have children I will know which tales to tell to my children and which ones I should stay clear of at least while they are in certain developmental phases.