Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rags to Riches-Cinderella

I personally thing that Cinderella can be seen as a completely realistic fairytale not necessarily the magic from fairy godmothers and what not, but they aspect that good things do happen to people who are truly good at heart and pure. Cinderella is the ultimate pure example, she is treated like ashes and dirt she sleeps next to and she still does not resent or take her poor situation out on the world and still has the capability of loving and believing in the world and the possibility of a happy ending. Now not necessarily being a good person and having good things become of you is not a guarantee, one does not equal the other, bad things happen to good people but things in life always get better. Hard work pays off and in that case Cinderella's ability to deal with the challenges life throws at her results in her happy ending.
I think the fact that Cinderella has the help of magic to help her reach her success does provide the possibility that she wouldn't have necessarily found success without the magic, because the things provided, by magic, to Cinderella are the things that helped her reach her success, through marriage, by getting her a husband who was her escape and path to success, aka a way out of her life path and into a life of riches. This is not to say that success isn't possible without magic just in the case of Cinderella it might not have happened, she escapes through marriage which was provided by the aspects provided by magic. In real life needless to say good things don't always happen to good people but you don't need riches in order to reach happiness, just like you don't need magic to  reach riches, you can reach riches through hard work.
Relating to the movie and other aspects magic, riches and charm would all be helpful in order to reach success but they are not always provided in the real world, but they are al present in helping Cinderella reach success in this fairytale.

This picture shows the aspect of magic helping Cinderella reach the state which helps her to reach success through helping her into her marriage. 

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