Friday, April 19, 2013

Native-American Folktales

Native-American Folktales are distinctly different from those of European origins in a few ways, they focus on more of how things came to be and tradition where as European folk tales often focus on teaching lessons. For instance in the Native-American folktales we read about how men and women came to be, and how they learned to reproduce, we also read about how certain stars came to be in the sky, and that they came to be those stars as a punishment for not obeying by traditions and being selfish, and there was also the story of how mosquitos came to be. Now granted all these stories do also teach lessons but they are set up in a different way, they involve magic which do also Folk tales of European origin, but they show magic in a different way.
 Often in a folktale involving European origin magic is brought in as normal aspect or in way where something will just appear and you are supposed to accept the fact that it is a fairy tale and magic is possible. In Native-American folk tales magic is more of an aspect of reality, the magic is very apparent, for instance in the story of Deer Hunter and White Corn Maiden they are shot into the sky by someone of the spirit world. The spirit world itself involves magic and the fact that they are shot into the sky also involves direct use of magic, but this story incorporates the involvement of reality because it is telling the story of how two stars in the sky came to be.Also within the mosquito story the giant is turned into mosquitos after being killed, implying some sort of direct use of magic, and again portraying how some aspect of our world came to be.
The Native-American Folktales put more emphasis on religion and tradition as well, they always display a sense of community and a sense of togetherness. In all the stories it involves groups of people, their tribes or nations. This shows the people comprehending these tales and their sense of togetherness and community, it portrays the importance that these things have to these kinds of people. All in all the Native-American tales are more stories pertaining to their tribes and how things that relate to them came to be, but they also have few similar aspects to European tales.

This image reminded me of the tale of How Women and Men Came To Be because in the tale the women have beautiful clothes made from things like buckskin and the men when are seen as more attractive have red sacred face paint on and the chief has his headdress of feathers. 

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