Sunday, April 28, 2013

Folktale and Storytelling from Kenya

I very much liked the lecture given by Dr. Ochieng' I found it very interesting and the information being covered very different from anything I had previously learned. Obviously with growing up in the United States I am accustomed and used to the kinds of fairytales that are told within the United States and the way that they are told. Dr. Ochieng' performed the folktales from Kenya in the way that are told in Kenya, and I found that very interesting and different from her. The folktale and storytelling I'm used to are when people are reading the stories to or the stories are just made up on the spot, around a concept or lesson you are trying to portray to the person you are reading or reciting to. But these stories from Kenya are passed down and recited and performed by mouth along with being performed with things like song. They are more performed than recited, peoples emotions play a role within the tales, and the details between the tales differ from every time they are told because it the tales are always told by different people, and different people will take away different aspects of the tale. The tales told in Kenya are similar to the tales told here in the way that they are trying to portray a message, or the point to any of the stories would be to teach some sort of lesson, or explain some sort of phenomena, just the way in which they tell these tales is what makes them so different. I liked learning about how the tales are told differently in Kenya, I would like to continue to learn more concepts about what is different within folktale, fairytale, and story telling across different countries as well.

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