Sunday, March 10, 2013

Snow White

The music video by Rammstein was cleverly put together and made an interesting twist to a fairytale that we all know as an innocent girl having her life dominated by her overtly jealous step mother. In the music video however the woman is her own demise which also identifies with the fact that in Snow White the fairytale, the step mother and Snow White could represent one person. There is also the somewhat present theme of the seven men that are shown through out several different versions of the fairytale that Snow White keeps house for and their accommodations are part of her survival. Even though the wicked step mother isn't present within the music video, her presence is still within Snow White and her addiction to beautiful things or in this case the gold that the men bring, which is eventually her demise. Within the fairy tale it is Snow Whites temptations that get her into trouble by constantly allowing things to happen, like the lacing of her bodice, and the brushing of her hair, and the final choice she made taking a bite of an apple, she couldn't control her temptations in the fairy tale and she couldn't control them in the music video either, that would be the central motif that the two have in common.
I like the story of Snow White as told by The Brothers Grimm most simply because it goes into all the aspects of the fairytale. It has everything from the father figure being absent but yet being present in the sense of the mirror and the huntsman, it has the hospitality of the dwarves and their forewarning to Snow White to watch out for her stepmother, portraying the fact that when Snow White does let her step mother in it is completely because of her own weakness. I also like the fact that in the end Snow White gets her prince and her step mother comes the wedding to meet her demise for being so evil and jealous. It portrays all the right messages in ways that are easy enough to comprehend yet aren't so obvious that a child wouldn't want to enjoy the fairytale.

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