Friday, March 29, 2013


The tale of bluebeard that I liked the most was the Brothers Grimm Fitchers Bird because I like all the different components of the tale, such as the sorcerer and his magic, and the fact that the girl finds a way to save her sisters and outsmart the villain. This tale is different in the fact that the girls were more stolen away from their parents rather than offered up or found by the sorcerer. Also the sorcerer in this tale says that if you enter this room it will cost you life, showing the exact ramifications of the girls actions and desires to enter the said room, but they all do so regardless of their further knowledge of the exact fate that would become of them if they entered the room "You can go anywhere you want and look around at everything, but don't go into the room that this little key opens. I forbid it under penalty of death."(The Classic Fairy Tales pg. 149)
This tale was special in the aspects of magic but it still contained all the major motifs of the key/egg and the girl loosing her virginity/ fedility with the dropping of the egg/key and the appearance of blood being stained, representing the ability to never be able to go back to that prior stage of purity, all because of their curiousity. In this Brothers Grimm tale however the girl save her sisters by putting them in a basket and sending them home, and she outsmarts "Bluebeard" by rolling in honey and feathers and disguising herself as a bird and setting a skull in the attic to make it appear as herself. Once she has outsmarted her and has thought that the skull was her, and gone into the house where the rest of his wedding guests were, she locks the doors and burns it to the ground. This shows a transition from the beginning where the woman are portrayed as weak for giving into the curiosity to the end when the girl outsmarts him and become the heroin.

This image shows the woman with all the keys given to her and you can tell by the look on her face that she is suspicious and that she is probably doing something that she is not supposed to be. I thought this captured what I had imagined one of the women acting like when in their situations, she appears to be looking around to make sure nobody is looking, but she knows that if she enters that room her fate is already decided according to Bluebeard, furthermore showing her weakness. 

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