Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blog Entry 1

I chose this class because I have always had a fascination with fairy tales, I haven’t necessarily learned anything about them through out my life, nor do I have a broad extent of knowledge about them but they have always interested me and I have always enjoyed them. I would also like to find out more of them since I have really only learned about the classics. I find the idea of  the mostly constant inforcing of the idea of a happy ending to be something that is ideal in a dream world, but I don’t necessarily agree that children should grow up hearing these stories, because they could believe them to be true, leading their futures on with false hopes. I also hope that in this course I will learn the history of fairytales and folktales, and how they came to be, the differences and similarities between them and stories, and really learning about their point and effect on and in the world.
I think that my favorite fairy tale would have to be Beauty and the Beast because I love the idea and the example the story sets. Of course I learned my perception of Beauty and the Beast from the Disney examples but I have also read the fairy tale in a few varieties of children’s stories.  I like it because of the example it sets with appearance and you don’t have to be beautiful to find love, I also love the fact that Beast sets his love free and since she truly loves him she comes back, showing the idea that things don’t always end perfectly with the first time they meet and its not happily ever after always from the first second of connection.